Sunday, April 6, 2014

DIY :: Inspiration Board

Howdy y'all! I have a fun, SUPER easy DIY to share with you today. :) I have been spending the past couple of weeks completely overhauling my studio (or "moon hut" as I like to call it... more on that later!) and in doing so, wanted to make myself a super girly new inspiration board.

My previous board was just a regular, boring thing that I have had for literally as long as I can remember. It even had "Kaeleigh is da bomb" written in black eyeliner on it... oh yes, I was super cool when I was a kid! It didn't take long for me to start covering that little statement with any picture I possibly could. That nerdiness aside, I have to say that I was inspired by something my sister wrote on the side of her dresser when she was younger, so at least the intention was kind of adorable!

Ok, back on topic! Several months ago, during a trip to IKEA, I picked up this ADORBZ scrolly frame and immediately knew it had to be my new inspiration board. Which finally brings me around to the point of this post!


1. UNG DRILL frame from IKEA. Ok, can we stop for just a sec and giggle at the epic names of all IKEA products? Love it!
2. Roll of cork. I bought this roll at Michael's, and chose the 2' x 4' roll. You should know, I almost never measure anything (ain't nobody got time for that!) so I totally guessed on the width of what I would need, but this ended up being perfecto!
3. A pen. (note: it turns out, a Sharpie was way more effective, so make sure you use a marker v. ballpoint pen)
4. Scissors.

Step 1:

Take the backing and glass out of the frame, set aside. You will be using the cardboard backing again, and the glass will be used to trace the shape to cut out of the cork. (You can dispose of the glass after, or keep it for a new project!)

 Step 2:

Trace around the glass (being careful of the semi-sharp edges) and cut out your lovely oval piece of cork. I suggest going a little slowly, the cork is kind of thin and tore pretty easily when I wasn't careful.

Step 4:

The final assembly step is to adhere the cork to the cardboard backing that came with the frame. I suggest spray adhesive, because it is the easiest and quickest thing to use. Spray directly to the cardboard, and then line up the cork oval and press onto the now-sticky side of the cardboard backing.

 Lastly, place the oval into the frame, bend the clamps down to secure, and voila! You have a brand new, super cute, inspiration board!

This little project took maaaaaaaybe 10 minutes from start to finish. So fun and easy!

Tomorrow I am going to post some close-up shots and give you a little insight into what some of the things are that I have put on my new inspiration board. :)

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!

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