About Me

Hello there... I'm Kaeleigh! I'm a pretty cool chick, living with my sweet fiance and a couple of crazy kitties in lovely Washington state. :)

I go crazy in craft stores and thrift stores; I can't get enough of the endless possibilities! I am a fledgling collector of owls, octopuses (octopi?), Dunnys, and blue Ball canning jars.... just to name a few things.

I am also an avid football fan (Go Hawks!), I LOVE taking pictures of my sweetie in funny hats (I hope he will let me share!), I'm scared of birds, and I am inexplicably drawn to Hispanic culture.

I am hoping to share a little of my life and a lot of my inspiration with all of my new friends here. I would love for you to join me for the ride!

I love to hear feedback, so don't ever hesitate to comment on a post. You can also contact me at kaeleighbee [at!] yahoo [dot] com if you would like. You can even find me on Facebook, here, Etsy, here, and Pinterest, here.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you will come back and play!

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