Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thrifty Thursday :: Storage Ideas!

For the past several weekends, I have been FINALLY getting my craft room/studio/moon hut all put together the way I have always wanted it. As part of this project I have finally been able to unwrap and put away all of the gazillions of awesome thrift store storage finds I have collected over the last year or so. (Like I said, I FINALLY accomplished something in there!!) I have a serious procrastination issue... but I digress!

For this edition of Thrifty Thursday, I thought I would highlight some of my fave thrift store-age (ha! see what I did there? teehee!) ideas. This is also a way to ease into a full studio tour... not quite ready for that yet, but oh so close!

 First up, we have the prettiest glitter storage idea ever.... salt and pepper shakers!

I collected tons of these bad boys from every thrift store I could possibly find, and I am so excited to finally see them all displayed. I love seeing all of the different colors of glitter instead of keeping them hidden in a drawer like before. The two displays that the shakers are sitting on are also thrift store finds.

I keep one of the doors open on this little cabinet so I can still see all the shiny bits!

Next, we have my new way of storing all of my keshi parts! Ok, if you don't know what I do with these things, that sentence sounds really weird... But stay with me here! I also used to store all of the different wooden pieces used to create my keshis in a drawer, but now I can see exactly what I have at all times! If I am running low on heads, I will know way ahead of time.... or if I need some new body styles, just check the jar! I have them separated by function: bodies, heads, hair, and then miscellaneous embellishments.

See that little bit of blue in that big jar? That was my first attempt at the Fire Breather for The Runaway's Circus... I kind of forgot what order the colors of a flame should be in... ha!

More jars! This time, I have used them to store all of my loose ribbon, organized by color of course. :) They are sitting on a lazy susan, also a thrift store find, so I can easily see any of the ribbon I have. I can also spin it around if I get tired of looking at certain colors,

And finally, this awesome little rotating tray organizer dealy (that is the technical name of course). This is sitting on my desk and holds a veritable mish-mash of randomness. It's perfect because I seem to have a lot of random things that don't have a proper home. But they look so cute here! And that glass candy dish is full of various little kokeshis (erasers and cell phone charms) and several Dia de los Muertos skull beads, because, you know, everybody needs a dish of those!

And that hottie in the picture? My mommy! :) Back in her rock star days... one of my fave pictures of her!

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my newly organized little slice of heaven. And hopefully I have provided a little inspiration for you as well! If you have any super cool storage ideas, leave a comment. I would love to hear!

Have a good day!

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  1. Wowza… talk about strolling down memory lane! More like plummeting… :-) Awfully sweet of you to keep me in your creative space… I am very honored! XOXO


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