Monday, May 5, 2014

I've Been Published!

The day has finally come!! (ok, 5 days ago, but whatevs!)

The Summer issue of Art Doll Quarterly, in which my lovely circus girls are published, has hit newsstands everywhere!

When I first opened up this beauty, I saw that I was in the Table of Contents! Holy moley, are you freaking kidding me?! So, eager to see my simple little photo and brief story in amongst other crazy talented folks, I flipped to page 117, the page the table of contents told me to flip to, because yea, I was in the table of contents!! Remember? Remember how I mentioned that like 2 seconds ago? Still true!!

Ok, before you run off, terrified of my ridiculous ramblings, here's the rest of the story... I flipped to page 117 and BAM! A full, and I mean FULL page photo of my beautiful girls just exploded in my face! A whole page? For reals? I was fully expecting to be a little half-page spot, but no, they wanted to showcase these girls in all of their glory and I was so incredibly excited! I was home alone at the time that I opened up my issue, so I just grabbed the cat (poor thing, she should think twice before hanging out with me!) and gave her a squeeze and screeched incoherently for a few minutes. I am sure my neighbors thought really weird things were happening next door, but oh well!!

So there they are..... I am really still so crazy jazzed every time I look at this thing! I am going to buy a back up copy of the magazine, just in case. :D

And if you would like to purchase a copy but don't want to brave the crazy public, you can clicky on the badge on the right side of the screen.

Until next time! Oh yea, and happy Cinco de Mayo!!

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