Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Woodland Park Zoo :: Date Day

A little while ago, (ok, like 2 months ago!) M and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo. This is one of our absolute favorite places to go on a date. We love it so much, that we have had annual passes for the past several years!

If you are ever in the Seattle area, you must go! It is easy to walk through the entire place in probably 5 or 6 hours, so it doesn't feel too overwhelming.

Our absolute FAVORITE exhibits to go to every time is the Willawong Station, the penguins, and the whole Northern Trail section.

The Willawong Station is so much fun because it is just a building filled with a ton of budgies, cockatiels, and rosellas. You go in, pay a buck for a seed stick, and you get to feed as many little birdies as you can reach! Now, I am quite scared of birds to be honest, but I feel like going in there helps me combat my fear and it is just so much fun! The birds are so sweet and friendly!

I am going to stop rambling now, and just show you a sampling of cute pictures of cute animals!


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