Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Faves!

Hey there!

So after a ridiculously long hiatus, one which I have no excuses for, I am back with a fun Friday Faves post! :)

I initially was going to post this prior to my b-day as a wish list of sorts, but I apparently forgot to hit publish.... my bad!!

So, a whole two weeks late, here you go! :P

  • M-Cups Red Measuring Matryoshkas
Are these not the cutest freaking things you have ever seen???

  • Along the same vein, I would like the matching measuring spoons:

  • This kitchen timer:

  • And these "Babushkups"!

All of these amazing creations by Fred & Friends can be found on Amazon!! :)
I am so in love with all of these adorable little things!

And I need a copy of the soundtrack as well!! It puts me in the perfect creative space! (But I get so sucked into it, sometimes it is hard to pull myself away! lol)

I am having a brain freeze at the moment, but I feel like this pretty much sums up where I am in my mind right now! :) And since I have an awesome step-brother, I was able to pick me up a few of these items with the perfect Amazon gift cards he gave me for my b-day! 

This year was all about spoiling myself, and being able to do so because of the wonderful people in my life. And I still have one more gift to enjoy at the end of this month! (More on that later, I promise!)

Wow, I must say, just sitting here putting the finishing touches on this post has made me realize how much I missed yackin' at ya the last couple weeks! I am so sorry I disappeared... I blame Mercury! It went retrograde at the end of February, and for any of you who know what that means, maybe you can forgive my cyber absence! It was a doozy!!

A little off topic, but only slightly.... if you want to learn more about those blasted 3 weeks that Mercury likes to screw with us, I found a very funny article on BuzzFeed the other day: Say Goodbye to the Worst Mercury Retrograde Ever by Katie Heaney. And she ain't lyin'!

Well, with my writing bug rejuvenated (apparently he went on a short vacation... I am going to call him Norman!) I think I will get to planning more posts! I need to stop feeling like it needs to be the PERFECT topic and written PERFECTLY... I gotta just let Norman run free!! And maybe I need a little more sleep, because I have no clue where this "Norman" thing is coming from... ah to heck with it! It's making me giggle! 

TGIF my loves, and I will talk at you soon!

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