Sunday, March 23, 2014

Seabrook :: The Magical Little Beach Town

 Oh how I love this place! We spent the most wonderful (birthday!!) weekend there last week in the cutest little bungalow, called "On Turtle Time". (Completely forgot to take pictures of that, but got 300+ pics of Ben the cat... at least I have my priorities straight!!)

This is the 3rd time in 12 months that we have stayed here, and I could seriously live here forever! I highly recommend if you want to get away, you stay here! Check out their website for the cottage rental info.

I feel like my words could not do this little slice of heaven much justice, so take a look at the pretty pictures instead! :)

This big red beauty is one of the "Sunset Magazine Idea Homes" and is amazing!

We finally got a chance to eat at this restaurant, and OMG was the food amazing! M had a club sandwich with the most delicious pear dressing... I may be drooling just a bit even thinking about it!

Ok, so not the best picture (there was some construction going on so we couldn't get much closer) but this is the town hall where they do weddings and other events. And M and I are going to get married here! No idea when, but at least the where is figured out!

There was a hilarious little crab-shaped sign on the side of this house (the red spot in the middle of the pic) that said "We've got crabs".... at least they are honest! Ha! Cheesy beach innuendos!!

Sigh... it was so hard to leave this place, and I am already trying to figure out when we can go back! We have a super exciting Mexico trip planned for November, so it may have to be next year, but either way, we will be putting it on the calendar on a regular basis!

PS - Sorry for the pic-heavy post, I just couldn't help it!! :)

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