Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Runaway's Circus :: The Fire Breather

When you live in a sweltering desert, the only thing you should want to do is sink into a tub of deliciously cool ice cubes. Well, not this little hot tamale. She couldn’t get enough heat. In fact, she would light fires in the middle of the day and just watch them dance.  Unfortunately, she had a little too much fun with her fire one day and burned down her family’s barn. She ran out into the desert, with no intention of ever returning. She happened to run right into the Ring Mistress of The Runaway’s Circus, who at the time, was trying to build a hot air balloon in order to travel from town to town in search of other “oddities” like her. Being such a master of flame, she agreed to help get the balloon off the ground, and finally felt like she was where she belonged.

Her body is made from a wooden candleholder, and she has been painted in the colors of a flame. Her feather mohawk and chains give her an edgy vibe. She has also had flowers placed on her because at heart, she is still a sweet little girl.

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