Monday, March 3, 2014

The Runaway's Circus :: The RingMistress

Before I get into the individual girls, here is how they all came to be:

This band of misfits has all come together to form The Runaway’s Circus. At one time, each of them were cast out, deemed too “abnormal” for polite society. They have come from all corners of the world, searching for a place where they can belong.

It was fate that brought them together, and they no longer feel alone in the cold world they came from. They travel from town to town, embracing the very “oddities” that left them lonely in the first place. They serve as a reminder to all that separately we may be very different, but we all have the same basic desire. To be loved for everything we are, and know that we are perfect in our imperfections.

This circus troupe consists of the RingMistress, the Fire Breather, the Kitten Tamer, an (ever-so-slightly) Melancholy Clown, and a lovely pair of conjoined Twinsies. I will start with introducing you all to the RingMistress.

When she was a little girl, she was always fascinated by death. Not in the “I-want-to-die” sort of way, but she was certainly not as afraid as everyone else in her village was. When she started asking the other children if they would like her to clean and preserve the skeletons of their beloved family pets (after they passed, of course), all of the adults started screeching about what a freak she was, and how she didn’t belong here. She decided that if they could not accept her for who she was, she would create a place that would. Now, she is the Ring Mistress of The Runaway’s Circus, and proudly sports a couple of skulls on her fancy top hat. (Just don’t ask whom they belonged to!)

She stands at just about 5.25” tall, from her base to the tip of her feathers. She has been built from various wooden pieces, and painted in an array of beautiful, bright colors. She has been decked out in a variety of flowers and her largest skully friend sports a bejeweled crown. She also wears a set of metal wings on her back, for some added pizzazz.

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