Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Runaway's Circus :: The Kitten Tamer

To be honest, she had always lacked a little courage and ambition. She loved watching the big cats, but from very far away. No one had any patience for a girl too afraid to live up to the destiny of being a lion tamer. So, they banished her from the town, telling her she didn’t belong with a group of such strong, brave people. She took her tabby cat with her and hit the road. She realized she was fine with not wanting to live with and train lions. No one had tried to tame kittens before! And wouldn’t that be more useful anyway? When she joined The Runaway’s Circus, nobody could get enough of her cute, fun kitten acrobatics!

Painted in yellows, oranges, and a hint of copper, this sweet girl keeps a reminder of what she really loves, her tabby cat, in her headpiece. She also gets dressed up in a lacy ruff, to mimic the mane of the cats she admires.

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