Saturday, February 2, 2013


In honor of Caturday (which at the time of my writing this, there are exactly 65 minutes left of, phew!) and in the interest of continuing this whole, introducing myself to a greater audience thing, I thought I would give you a short bio on our 3 cute and cuddly kitties!

First up, Romeo!!

AKA BeemBeem, Beemula, Romey, Beems

This little rascal was adopted by my mom and I, along with his sister, almost 14 years ago. (Holy smokes mom, can you believe it has been that long?!) Sadly, we lost his sister several years ago, but he is still going strong! He has the tiniest little meow, and he is not a small cat! But he is one of the most loving cats; always wants to be touched. He even loves to have the little mats cut out of his fur. Since he is getting older, he doesn't groom himself as much so we have to help out. You would think it was the most amazing thing in the world!

And now, we have Aurora!

AKA Rora, Rorlaley, B**chface Rora (for when she is especially rude! haha), Baby Girl

Wow... what can I say about this crazy girl? Lol... I do have to say, she is one of the only good things to come out of a bad past relationship! I have had her since she was a TEENY kitten, probably too young to even be away from her momma, and she is definitely a mommy's girl! In fact, she refused to let M even get near her, let alone touch her, for many months. We even were convinced she was trying to "get rid of him" when he went out into the kitchen and almost ran face-first into the open cabinet door. Mind you, this cabinet was NOT at ground level... and then to top it off, there was a roll of paper towels, garbage bags, and lighter fluid on the ground... these things had been knocked out of the cabinet, all from different shelves! And little Rora was sitting on top of the cabinet just staring at him. Creepy!! :D But she is quite sweet if she likes you. Every day she will reeeeaaaach her paws up, like a little kid when they want to be held, and when I pick her up she will give me a hug and a kiss. And then she promptly runs away because apparently my breath REEKS! She is certainly a character!

And last, but ABSOLUTELY not least, Flora!

AKA Baby Flora, FloraBaby, FloFloBaby

Flora is the newest, and youngest, member of our family. She is truly an angel sent from heaven. She was literally waiting for me outside my office one night, about 3 weeks or so after we had to put our doggie down 2 years ago. She followed me home (I work for a property management company and live at one of our properties), came inside, and has never left! By the way, this picture is taken of her sleeping under our covers, with her head on daddy's pillow which is arguably one of her favorite places to be. She is truly a blessing... she helped us with our grief over the loss of our pup, and she has never stopped showing her appreciation for bringing her in from the cold. And she is also crazy spoiled by her daddy... and she knows it! :)

I am sure this will not be the last time I write about these sweeties, and in honor of Caturday, go snuggle YOUR kitty!

See ya on the flipside!


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    1. Thanks!! :-) I thought they deserved a little spotlight!

  2. No, I can't believe it's been that long...sigh. Nice of you to post such a cute pic of the we know, he can be photogenically challenged :-D And great LOL cat reference!!


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