Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Edmonds Senior Center

As I may have mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE shopping in thrift stores! My sweetie and I have so much fun just taking an entire day and driving from store to store, quickly filling up our backseat with tons of thrifty goodness! Several weeks ago, we decided to check out some brand new (to us) stores and started with one in Edmonds. It is located right at the ferry dock, and is attached to the Edmonds Senior Center.

We had heard marvelous things about this place, and let me tell you, we were not disappointed! When we first walked in, I was immediately drawn to the coolest spice rack and snapped it up for a mere $5. Then, my eyes fell onto this bee-utiful wooden cabinet, about 18 inches tall, with two doors. The doors have arched cut-outs that are backed with a metal screen so you can have sneak peeks of whatever goodies you stick in there. I figured it would probably be AT LEAST $10 or so, considering there was no damage and it was a pretty solid piece of wonderfulness. I looked at the price tag, already convincing myself it would be too much to spend on a single item (this was only our first stop after all) and practically peed myself when I saw it was.............. TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS! I actually had to have M repeat it, I was in such shock! So I immediately snapped it up, already thinking I had found the golden ticket for the day. 

We wandered around towards the back, with the dishes and breakables, and this is what I saw:

The most adorable little ceramic containers! They were perfect for our kitchen and I knew I had to have them. When I showed them to Mik, he said, "What is 'majoranna'?" We laughed so hard I almost dropped everything. How amazing are these delightful little creatures?? And the funniest part is that Mik's mom has a cat named Anna, so we couldn't wait to tell her about the "majoranna" that we found!

For some reason, there were 2 paprikas, and only 1 majoranna. I decided I only needed 1 paprika and left the other for some other lucky soul. :)

I quickly decided that I should probably set all of my treasures down at the counter so that I could keep looking (we had only been in there for about 10 minutes by this point) and not risk dropping everything in my excitement.

I looked over the rest of the dishes, and rounded the corner. Immediately, I saw a sign for mason jars, $1. I thought, "Score!" I am always on the lookout for cool jars right now, as I am re-vamping my "moon hut" (I promise, I will explain this term soon!) or in other words, studio. I am wanting to store all of my ribbon bits in the jars so I can see all the pretty, pretty colors. Anyhoo, I started picking out some jars and that is when I saw IT... the most perfectest, blue Ball mason jar! (It even says it's perfect!)

I may have squealed a bit, and again, prepared myself to see a high sticker price. I picked it up, saw no sticker, and realized that this beauty was SUPPOSED to be in the dollar section! Holy crapballs I couldn't believe it! I held onto it for dear life, still trying to juggle all of the other jars I wanted. M told me to just go set them down before I hurt myself, but I was terrified of putting this little guy down in case someone realized the treasure I had found! I realized it was illogical and probably dangerous to keep balancing all of these things in my teeny hands, so I reluctantly set it down with the rest of our stuff (as hidden as I could among everything else I had put up there).

Needless to say, I found some pretty amazing jars on those shelves!

Look at the adorable flower printed on that one on the right! I believe it says "wild rose" underneath the flower. The one in the front, with the handle, has a perforated lid on it for shakin' stuff! It shall be full of glitter in no time!

I walked out of that store with about 4 paper grocery bags full of amazing goodies. I was so incredibly excited, and we had just started!!

I believe we went to 4 or 5 thrift stores, and 2 un-freaking-believable antique malls I never knew existed. It was the best day!

I am always looking for more awesome thrift stores to go to, what are some of your favorites? What kind of treasures have you found?

PS - I am planning on making this a regular feature, although it may not always be weekly. I do already have the next two Thursdays planned out though! :)

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