Monday, February 4, 2013

My Monthly.... Goals: February

So, as the title may suggest, I am hoping to make this a monthly feature. Something to help keep me on track and help me to accomplish the things I really want to do! Just putting it out there like this will make me more accountable, which for me is important! :)

  • Get blog up & running! Ok, ok, I swear, I am not trying to cheat and say, "Oh yay! I can check one off already!" This was a legitimate goal that I set for myself a couple of weeks ago, giving myself the deadline of February 1st... which I just so happened to meet! Score one for Kaeleigh!
  • Finish commissioned Keshi! I had a special order come in and I really need to finish it! I know that the person who placed that order is reading this, so, here you go!! :) That whole being held accountable thing, yea... if left to my own devices sometimes I feel like very little would get done! I'm just so content most of the time... time to break free from the complacency! 
  • Pay off surgeon bill! This February goal will put me right on target for completing one of my 2013 goals, and thanks to a pretty sweet tax return, I WILL be checking this off my list in just a few days!
  • Update Etsy shop with 15 new listings! This isn't as daunting as it sounds, I have all of the items photographed and ready to go. It is now just a matter of sitting down at the computer for a few hours and listing them all! (Ok, it is still a little daunting!)
  • Submit app for November show! As I mentioned in this post, I will be (hopefully!) a repeat vendor at a holiday bazaar I was in last year: the My Friends & More Holiday Bazaar held locally in Bothell. I had such a blast, and made some really great connections with people who bought many of my Keshis, journals, and cards. It was the perfect venue, and I am looking to do more just like it this year. I received the application in my email a few days ago and I want to send it off before the month ends!
I think this is it for February, so we will see how I do! :) I am feeling good! 

Ironically, as I close out this post, "Feelin' Good" (as performed by Pussycat Dolls) is playing on my iTunes! A sign, perhaps? :)

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